What to Pack for 2 Weeks in Southeast Asia

packingthailand.jpegThe destinations for our annual international trip are Thailand and Cambodia! While we are visiting during a typically cooler time of the year, Southeast Asia is still generally very hot and humid all the time. Like with last year’s Eurotrip and Australia the year before that, we will be going on multiple legs and intend to bring only carry-on luggage. Here’s what I’m packing in my bags… Continue reading


Fall Activities in Half Moon Bay


Half Moon Bay, a quaint city off the coast of┬áNorthern California frequented by surfers, is also acclaimed for hosting an Art & Pumpkin Festival every year in October. Pumpkin growers compete for the privilege of producing the most massive gourd on record. I didn’t attend this year, but there were still plenty of other fun activities to partake. Continue reading

I Love New York, Part 1


Why do I keep returning to New York City almost every year since 2010? I should hate the crowds, traffic, sidewalks cluttered with trash bags, smell of sewage, noise, overpriced everything … but despite all this, I still love it. I love wandering through Central Park, walking across Brooklyn Bridge, gazing up at the Chrysler Building, grabbing a hot slice, watching as many Broadway shows as I can afford, and yes, even riding the subway. So when John and I were trying to decide between Vancouver and Toronto for our next vacation, I said on a whim, “How about New York instead?” Continue reading

Manhattan Pizza Tour

Plain cheese slices at Joe’s Pizza on Carmine Street, Greenwich Village

Is there anything more iconic of New York than the humble pizza? Some may argue that Brooklyn is the pizza capital of NYC, but that doesn’t mean Manhattan’s pizzerias are any less deserving of your patronage. Today I’m taking you with me on a tour of all the pizza places I tried on my latest New York trip! Continue reading