I-Care & Star Alliance Lounges at Charles de Gaulle Airport

Read Part 1 of our Paris Winter 2019 trip report here.

My first impression of Charles de Gaulle Airport was that it was not bad. There are 2 lounges accessible to Priority Pass members, I-Care and Star Alliance. Star Alliance is the better of the two, but when we arrived we were denied entry and directed to I-Care instead.

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Souvenir and Food Shopping in Paris


In this follow up to my first French pharmacy and grocery haul post, I reviewed some more products and list new recommendations from my most recent trip to Paris. Although we were flying directly home, my haul wasn’t as much as I would’ve liked. Europe isn’t cheap!
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Paris in Winter, Part 4: Parisian Essential Eats

Smoked salmon galette at Framboise


Widely considered the culinary capital of the world, Paris has no shortage of food options. And that makes choosing a place very difficult, especially since eating out here usually doesn’t come cheap. There are many restaurants I’ve passed up due to a restrictive budget. Honestly, though, after reading about how some restaurants serve reheated frozen food, I’m hesitant to dine out often. In this list I compiled the most affordable spots I’ve tried and felt was worth the money spent. Continue reading

Paris In Winter, Part 3: Top 10 Best Free Views of the Eiffel Tower

Day 5: Saint Sulpice, CityPharma, Le Marais, Eiffel Tower photo locations

After 2 intense days running around Paris, we had a more relaxing day spent eating, shopping, and leisurely sightseeing. We visited Saint Sulpice, a church where a scene from The Da Vinci Code took place (both in the book and movie). There was a Pierre Hermé café and pastry shop nearby and we stopped by for tea and an ispahan croissant and cheesecake (more on that later). After that we went on a self-guided walking tour to find the best free Eiffel Tower photo spots. (This is by no means a comprehensive list, just the places I’ve visited.) Scroll to the end of the post for a free map! Continue reading

Paris In Winter, Part 2: Musée Hopping

Continued from Part 1…


After much debate we took the plunge and purchased the 2 day Paris Museum Pass. (Not to be confused with the Paris Pass, which costs more because it includes unlimited use of the metro, buses and the RER within zones 1-3). And because I wanted my money’s worth, I packed as many attractions as I could into our schedule. It was totally worth the long days and extra miles of walking, in my opinion. Continue reading