Packing Tips for D23 Expo

d23-1It’s my first time attending the D23 Expo, the official Disney Fan Club fan event held every other year at the Anaheim Convention Center since 2009. I have been to San Diego Comic Con so I have an idea of what to expect, though from what I’ve read Disney’s version is a little more chaotic and less efficient crowd control. But I’m still very excited despite the looming dread of endless lines!

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Paris In Winter, Part 1: Parc Disneyland


Last year we took advantage of an amazing flight deal from San Francisco to Paris nonstop, with one checked bag and a meal included, for $285. I wanted to go in spring when the weather would be nicer but could not due to work. So we booked a week in February just before the end of the soldes, or sales, a 6 week period during which stores throughout France were allowed to discount merchandise.

We arrived on a blisteringly cold morning at Charles de Gaulle Airport. It was the first time I had been there, as on previous trips I had come by train from London. We tried to enter the Star Alliance lounge but were told to go to the I-Care lounge instead, probably due to overcrowding, or they were just being jerks. It was pretty bare but did offer some snacks (full review to come).

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The Centurion Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport

We had 5 hours to kill before the connecting flight to Bangkok and decided to visit the American Express Centurion Lounge first which was located in the same terminal 1 near Gate 60. It was confusing because there was a Gate 60 nearby but it turned out to be an arrival gate and we needed to get to the departure gate which was past the security transit area. Then we had to take a lift (elevator) up to level 7. And finally, the familiar blue and silver doors came into view.


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Hong Kong Airlines Lounges Review: Club Autus & Club Bauhinia

After arriving from Bangkok, we had a 13 hour overnight layover in Hong Kong. I planned to spend a lot of time checking out the two lounges we would have access to as business class passengers: Club Autus and Club Bauhinia. We visited Bauhinia first, as Autus is the newer one, and I expected it would be superior.


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