Sketch Saturday: California Garibaldi


I was inspired to illustrate a kelp forest after watching an episode of Blue Planet II. The garibaldi was not featured; I added it because it’s the Official State Marine Fish of California. It looks more like a goldfish here, though…


New Orleans


The bestie and I took a 3-day girls’ trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, for some much-needed R&R. People flock here to indulge in partying, enjoy the jazz scene, and bask in the warm Southern hospitality. While we’re not into the party scene, the rich cultural history (2018 is its tricentennial!), beautiful architectural features, and culinary delights of the Crescent City, AKA The Big Easy, did not disappoint.  Continue reading

Real Talk


Most of my posts are pretty lighthearted, superficial fluff. But above all else, I value authenticity, and I try to be true to myself. So here’s the truth: depression affects more people than you think. Most of us aren’t comfortable revealing our deepest thoughts and feelings. Whether it’s because we’re afraid of losing our jobs or simply losing face, admitting it is a stigma. And what makes it worse is the shame believing that you have no reason to be depressed, because you have a roof over your head, a partner, a family, a well-paying career.

Continue reading

Friday Five

Is it just me, or did the month of May fly by? Happy Memorial Day, and remember, freedom is not free.

  1. Ali Wong
    While watching comedian Ali Wong’s new Netflix special “Hard Knock Wife” I was riveted and horrified (in a good way). I love her bold, bad-ass, keepin’-it-real style. She’s refreshing yet relatable. In my next life, I would like to be Ali Wong.
  2. Peony frenzy
    For a limited time, the beloved Instagram-favorite peonies are for sale at Trader Joe’s. In a continuing trend, the price has been going up by a dollar every year and is now $7.99 for 5 stems. Though they’re beautiful, I realized after awhile they emit a rather unpleasant odor. Or did I choose a bunch of duds?
  3. H&M Home
    While on vacation in New Orleans last week I passed by an H&M store in the French Quarter and was delighted to discover it had a home section. I’ve only been able to browse the items on the website until then. In person, the housewares were as cute and affordable as they appeared (I especially like their selection of cushion covers), but with limited luggage capacity, I resigned to online shopping.
  4. Shelfie styling
    Along the same lines, I’ve been obsessively experimenting with vignettes. Below are a couple arrangements of my current shelfie; tell me, which do you think looks better?
  5. Strawberry lemonade
    Since strawberries are now in season, I started making “pink” lemonade from pureed fresh strawberries and Meyer lemon, lightly sweetened with simple syrup. I use frozen strawberries as ice cubes, and top it off with seltzer water or green tea.